2D 3-Button Fighting Game (January-May 2021)

The year is 198X. Corporatism has run rampant around the world, Countries are no longer bound by governments, but by corporations who would do anything to make a quick buck. The planet’s resources have been dried up and humanity is left on the fringe.


UI Programmer

Main Menu, Stage Select, Character Select,

In Game UI, Programmatic Move list

Systems Programmer

Health System, Damage System,


Character Select Screen

The Character Select Screen allows the two fighters to choose their character and transfers the selected character statistics to the level they chose on the prior screen.


In Game UI

Information displayed on the Health, Ability Bar, and Match Timer Along with Matches won by each player.

Programmatic Move List

Took the move set data from each character and programmatically displayed the moves in the controls page of the UI so that designers could edit move sets on the fly with no need to also go in and change the controls as it would change automatically.


HTTPS://K1LL-C0DE// Team

Grace Tuohey-Kay (Producer), Abraham van Overbeeke-Costello (Testing Lead), Matthew Lovetere (Lead Designer), Eli Wakeling (Designer), Leah Peterson (Artist/Animator), Stone Eaton (Artist/Animator), Clementine Hassouni (Lead Programmer), Gavin Lechner (Programmer), Charlie Kowalski (Programmer), Alex Fellerhoff (Music Producer)