Skill Tree System

UI/UX System done in Unreal Engine 4

I created a skill tree UI system that allows users to hover over text to learn about each skill. Using skill points you can unlock these said skills. This was done in Unreal Engine 4 using UMG. I created UI button widgets that can be linked up to change gameplay mechanics. 


Work Done

UI Button Blueprint

Created a UI Button Widget that allows me to individually set the name and description and cost of skill points. This allows me to use this to quickly create multiple skill trees. You can also hover over each skill to see its description and name as it links up with the SkillTree UI.


SkillTree UI

The Skill Tree UI links up with the Character controller to pause and un-pause the game allowing the player to redeem the skills he wants draining his overall Skill points specified in the controller. This value can be linked up with an XP system or by killing enemies. 

Future Plans

Next I would want to make it so that certain skills are locked behind others so that the player cant unlock skills in any specific order. After doing this I would then work on UI animations. In Unreal I think there is a lot of room for a UI to really come alive with some solid animation work. I may in the future create some of my own UI art to accompany these animation ideas. I definitely wanna see how this one progresses. This project is one that I believe I could put a lot more work into and flesh it out. I have a solid foundation to work on and learning Unreal is a unique and interesting challenge.