3D Parkour Adventure Game (2021-2022)

Sunline is a first-person 3D free-running/parkour game which follows the story of Ana, a rebellious and gadgety teen in the utopian city of Elyria. When Ana, and her drone companion Ezra, accidentally discover that a storm is heading right for the city, these 2 young kids become the sole hope of their beloved city as it is threatened by a devastating storm.


Lead Programmer

Executed the technical direction,

UI Engineer

Game Menus, Waypoint System, Subtitles

Gameplay Engineer

Interactable System

Sound Engineer

Audio Manager, Movement Audio Effects, Ambient Audio


Waypoint System

The Waypoint system uses box colliders marked as triggers to determine where the player is and where the waypoint should go. This allows designers to easily visualize the process. 


Subtitle System

Created a Subtitle system that takes in formatted subtitle files and parses the data and outputs it into the lower text box. 

Dynamic Audio Implementation Tool

The Audio implementation tool had Four categories of Audio. Sound groups, sound effects, dialogue, and music. Each group served a purpose and allowed for the quick swapping of SFX for different movement abilities such as footsteps and jumping to be played in either a sound group which would randomly cycle through the list of audios or an individual sound. Along with this whenever dialogue audio would be played it would lower the volume on all other categories so that the player could clearly hear the story.



Grace Tuohey-Kay
Ryan Corning


Gavin Lechner

Clementine Hassouni

Evan Koppers


John Paul Canal

Danahyah Evans

Lauren Kott

Shayn Toothman


Leah Peterson

Allyson Lee


Stone Eaton

Lillian Clark


Matthew Lovetere

Ian Urban

Christian Roby

Jack Dirstine

Keegan Nakano