Waypoint Tool

UI/UX System done in Unreal Engine 4

The waypoint system allows for players to ping different locations across the environment and ping to anywhere that the camera is looking. Its range can be edited to now allow the pinging of far off areas. I wanted to create a UI system that would help me dip my toes into Unreal with the blueprint and texture systems. The texturing system was pretty quick with the primary change being what layer it renders on. Once I had this done I wanted to find a way to instantiate the object of the ping texture itself. I had to set up Unreal'ss input system to take in MouseMiddleClick. Once this was setup I went into the player controller and wrote a script that instantiates the ping at the end of the cameras raycast. If I was to continue working I would probably add a UI element that allows you to choose the type of ping from a warning to a question mark. 


Work Done

Ping System

Created a system that spawned a guiding indicator ping whenever middle mouse button was clicked. I was working in blueprint for the first time and while most of the documentation was clear I funnily enough struggled finding out how to setup if statements.


Guiding Indicator

Implemented a textured plane that renders above all other objects so that the indicator cannot be lost behind objects.


Unreal Engine always seemed like a large mountain to climb compared to Unity. Once I really invested time into it I found a lot of it to come pretty easily. This project ended up being much more of a discover and look around then working on UI which I had imagined in the first place. I'm proud of the pinging system learning how to instantiate new Actors and cast Rays.