Why UI Matters to Any Game

Making games is no small feat and requires work on several large components to make it come to life. One which I believe is severely overlooked in the game industry is the important of good UI. UX/UI is so important to how a game feels and plays. The ability to display information and help the player navigate with ease is paramount and yet I see it often go overlooked. 


My Experience

Some the early projects I worked on would leave UI until the last minute before a tester build would go out and resetting the game became too burdensome. Often I felt the same, a healthbar there and a main menu screen here. That's all you really need in the end right? Well no, and it took me making a fighting game with several complex UI elements where it really helped me realize how absolutely crucial easy to use fluid UI is.

"People Ignore design that ignore people"

- Frank Chimero


My Passion for UI

My first foray into UI Programming was for an educational game about solitary bees. I worked on making the bees float across the screen along with most of the UI components. I really enjoyed using different tools to make the bees feel fun to watch after completing each level. Whenever I moved to the next project I found myself excited to create better architecture than my previous project.